What is a crypto swap and how can I swap coins myself?

A crypto swap or coin swap is an exchange of coins without being forced to use a fiat currency as an intermediary. It´s non-custodial and works outside of crypto exchanges. In other words, to swap coins means a crypto to crypto exchange. It´s a fast and easy way to exchange coins of each other,

When Coin swapping, there is no account on an Exchange needed!

No sign in, no placing an order, no complicated and time intense searching for the right way to do it. Coin swapping is a reduced but incredibly efficient way of exchanging cryptocurrencies. There is no longer a necessasity to open accounts on various platforms just to exchange one coin for another, you can swap coins without all that. The hustle of multiple accounts, multiple angles of attack for hackers, are taken out of the equation. Trade tokens via coin swap does the work for you and reduced the effort to a minimum.

How to get trade tokens, the easy way?

Double Edge works with tthe Totle backend which helps us offer the best possible rates for our clients to swap coins (like Chainlink – review here) without you needing to check all 10+ involved Decentraliced Exchanges seperately. This also provides a fast and reliable coin swapping execution and a high liquidity in opposite to a static exchange.

The DEX market as well as the coin swapping engines gained momentum in the past 2 years and are now well beyond the 4B USD daily traded volume, which in return is already a remarkable market share.

The integrated best price policy assures the coin swapping price to be highly competitive to a Centralized Exchange without the need of registrations and AML/KYC.

An example of a wallet to connect for coin swapping . https://metamask.io/

MetaMask is a Chrome browser extension to access ETH based tokens. You can call it an Ethereum wallet which is a build in Chroma browser extension for the cause of easy and reliable coin swapping and storing of any ERC-20 token. Form a technical point, Metamask includes the Ethereum web3 API into every website’s javascript context, so it can read from the blockchain. Important though, you cannot store Bitcoin on it!

However, if you want to, you can simply add additional tokens by searching for the token in questions name or use the custom add tab service to integrate, and eventually swap the coins.

Here to install it for your desktop – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/metamask/nkbihfbeogaeaoehlefnkodbefgpgknn

Here how to install the app for your phone, Apple or Android – https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360031184911-How-to-install-MetaMask-Mobile-Public-Beta-

A PDF about how to swap you coins on Double Edge can be foud here.

Click here for an analyses about one of the most traded tokens CHAINLINK $LINK here and a promising newcomer POLKADOT $DOT here

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